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Instrumental Music Tuition

It is our aim to provide accessible, high quality instrumental tuition, offering a wide range of instruments. The lessons are held on a weekly basis via a timetable clearly displayed in the music corridor.

Why learn a musical instrument?

Learning an instrument is an extremely rewarding challenge, helping pupils to become more confident, to meet likeminded friends, and to develop a lifelong skill. Research has consistently shown that students who commit to having additional music tuition throughout their school career achieve consistently higher results in their courses in the later years of their school career.

When do instrumental lessons take place?

The current system of rotating lessons each week ensures that a student does not miss the same lesson every time they have a music lesson. This will minimise any disruption to learning. It is the student’s responsibility to attend on time every lesson. If a lesson is cancelled by the school, it will be rescheduled at a later date or during the course of the academic year.

How much do lessons cost?
The school is obliged to pay in advance for an annual contract with Harrow Music Service, as well as other music teachers sourced by the school. All music lessons are heavily subsidised by the school, in order to meet our contractual obligations. We need to ensure that we recover these costs so music lessons can continue. A summary of the cost for peripatetic music lessons for students in Years 7 to 11 and Years 12 and 13 can be found below.

Years 7 to 11

  • Single annual payment = £260
  • 3 termly payment instalments = £285 (£95 per term)
  • Parental Contribution (see below)

Years 12 and 13

  • Single annual payment = £500
  • 3 termly payment instalments = £525 (£175 per term)
  • Parental Contribution (see below)

Do you offer a parental contribution scheme?

As an alternative to making either a one-off payment, or termly payments, we offer a parental contribution scheme allowing parents to make whatever contribution is affordable. We ask that this contribution is agreed in advance to allow the school to budget and plan for the instrumental lessons, and to support the school in meeting the costs of offering instrumental tuition for your child.

How do I submit an application for instrumental lessons?

If you would like your child to start or continue instrumental lessons, please complete the form by clicking on the link below. If we manage to allocate your child a place with one of our instrumental lesson teachers, we will then provide further guidance regarding payment of the fees that are due.

By completing this form, you are entering into a contract with Whitmore to pay for instrumental lessons for the full academic year (either 3 termly payments, a single annual payment, or a parental contribution). Fees are non-refundable.

Once payment has been made your child’s place will be secured and added to the timetable. This process will be done prior to the new year starting / prior to the start of a new term. Your child will not be allowed to start lessons unless we have received payment in advance depending on your chosen payment method.

Click here to apply for Instrumental Music Lessons