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What is Weduc?

Weduc is the school's communications platform that we use to send you direct messages. It is available as an app that can be downloaded from your phone's app store. Weduc also provides you with access to the school calendar plus other key documents, as well as a newsfeed to enable you to stay abreast of important news relating to any children you have at Whitmore.

If your child is new to the school, please ensure that you follow the instructions below to download the Weduc app before the start of term. You will need an enrolment code that will be sent to you from our email account before you can start using the Weduc account. This enrolment code will be sent to any new joiners at the start of term.

What can I use Weduc for?

Apart from being able to use Weduc to message the school, there are many features which will give you an insight into your child's learning at Whitmore.

View live updates about your child’s education such as:

  • School NewsParentinfosheet
  • Trip Updates
  • Learning Activities
  • Important Announcements
  • Key Dates & Events
  • Attendance Information
  • Behaviour, Achievement & Progress Information
  • ...and much more!

Please download our click here to download our Parent Information Sheet to find out more.

How to download & register the Weduc app

Step 1: Download the Weduc app

Qr weducgoogle

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Qr weducapple

App store badge

Step 2: Enrol using the enrolment code sent to you via email

Step 3: Confirm your email address & phone number on the app

Step 4: Enter the pin sent to you via email/text

Step 5: Create a password

Step 6: Start using your app, now!

N.B.: Your enrolment code will be sent by email from
so please check your Junk Email to ensure you do not miss this message.

If you require any additional support, please contact the school.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why have I not received an enrol code for Weduc?

We send out enrol codes for Weduc manually, and although we have sent enrol codes to all of our current parents & carers, your email address may have been incorrect on our database, or our email may have ended up in your Junk Mail folder (the email will come from

I am a new parent/carer to the school as my child will start in September. When will I receive an enrol code?

You will receive an enrol code for Weduc via email on the first day back in September when your child officially joins the school roll at Whitmore. Please note - although this is the start date of our academic year, this is also an INSET day when students are not required to be in school.

Why can I not see one of my children on the Weduc app?

Occasionally there are minor errors in the relationship links on our database which can affect whether you can see all your children on Weduc. Please contact the school office to resolve these issues by emailing - please provide your full name and contact details as well as your child's full name and registration group when sending us an email.

I can only see one parent/carer's details on the Weduc app when I should see two. Why is this?

If you share an email address with your partner, Weduc will only create you one account. Depending on which contact was entered first against your child, this will be the contact details which appear on Weduc.

The only way to change this is for both parents/carers to have different email addresses and mobile numbers. If you wish to update us with a different email address for one or more parents or carers, please get in touch with the school office. Once we have a second email address we will then be able to send you an enrol code to set up a second Weduc account.

Why does my child appear to be in the wrong year group on Weduc?

All students will automatically move to the new year group when the term officially starts. Until then, you will see notices, calendar notifications and other messages relating to your child's previous year group.

Weduc Web Portal Login

If you have already registered with Weduc, you will be able to login to the Weduc secure web portal below using your username and password.


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