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Payroll Portal

This Claims Portal allows employees to enter payroll claims electronically. Each claim will be sent to the budget holder and verifier automatically via MS Teams for approval, and once all necessary approvals have been received, the status of each claim will show on the Processed Claims page.

Employees will need to submit one claim per calendar week.

Pay Claim Submission Deadlines

All claims must be submitted by the last working day of the calendar month.

Budget Holder & Verifier approval will then take place by the end of the first week of the following calendar month.

Subject to the necessary approvals being granted, claims will then be paid as part of the pay run that month.

For example:

Pay Claim submitted: 29/04/22
Budget Holder & Verifier Approval: 05/05/22
Pay Claim paid: 25/05/22

N.B.: when submitting a claim, ensure that the week ending date is the Sunday of the week during which you worked the additional hours.

If you have any problems recording your claim, or have any other queries regarding payroll, please email


Accessing the Payroll Portal

To log into the Payroll Portal, click on the button below.

Your username will be your school password (ending .310) with e.g.

Your password will be the same as the password you use to log into the school network.

For any issues logging on, please see IT Support.

Click here to access the Payroll Portal