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Posted on: February 24th 2021

Whitmore's School Library Goes Digital

This is the Whitmore Year of the Book and as part of the school’s initiative to promoteLibrary sora app 1 Reading for Pleasure, the Library has been advertising its Sora Digital Library to students during Lockdown with the Sora app. A large number of students and staff have already signed up and are downloading free e-books and audiobooks to their devices at home. The Sora library collection has been specifically curated to provide suitable titles for our students, who can borrow up to 5 books for 2 weeks, and there are lots of reading challenges to participate in.

Library sora app 2One of the best features of Sora is its dyslexic font. The font can be switched on for almost every book in the Digital Library. You can select the font in Settings and Sora converts the text of your book into Open Dyslexic, a font that makes it easier for dyslexic students to read.

We have all been spending a lot of time looking at screens during Lockdown, but Sora’s audiobooks are a great way to give your eyes a rest. You can even do something else while you’re listening. The LibraryLibrary sora app 3 has been encouraging students to download an audiobook to listen to whilst they enjoy some fresh air, bake, or even do chores…! Audiobooks are also a good way to access books if you are not such a confident reader, as it can sometimes be easier to follow a story if you are listening to someone else tell it.

Library sora app 4The Whitmore Digital Library is always open – come along and see for yourself. Go to, select Whitmore and log in using your school username and password. We hope to see you there!