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Posted on: March 29th 2021


Gcse food tech 1During quarantine, year 9 Food Tech students have been creating wonderful and appetizing dishes. Throughout our time distant from each other, we still found a way to cook together and learn about the nutrients in our meals. As a community, we have adapted in different ways to share our creations whilst building bonds and a positive attitudeGcse food tech 2 towards learning.

Thanks to the brilliant food tech and DT department, we were able to do practical work whilst improving on our baking skills and techniques. The practicals we did over lockdown include: pasta bakes, pizzas and cookies. Here are some of the students impressive dishes:

Collectively, we made the best out of our time at home and are thrilled to be going back to school to learn more about nutritional foods.

Gcse food tech 3Gcse food tech 4