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Posted on: May 28th 2021

Eggcellent Easter Eggtravaganza

We were extremely fortunate to have the pleasure of running the Easter University here at Whitmore High School during the Easter holidays. After a difficult start to the year it was refreshing to provide a positive event for the students.

Easter uni 1The Easter Uni started on Tuesday 6th April until Friday 9th April and then Monday 12th April until Thursday 15th April. The students that attended were from Year 7 to Year 9, along with a fantastic volunteer Easter uni 2from Year 10, Nia. (Picture below).

The students were able to participate in a range of activities such as Dance, Drama, Sports, Arts and Crafts, and Cooking and Baking. Alongside this, students had the privilege of attending a Wellbeing Workshop which was presented by the wonderful Miss Kenny and a Reading/Discussion Workshop which was run by Mrs Hoare.

Dance was a real hit - students strutted their stuff and really showed off their dancing skills.

Easter uni 3Madina and Samiya certainly gave Mary Berry a run for her money with their baking skills; their cakes were delicious.

All of the staff then ran a Team Sports day.

This involved a miniature assault course in the main sports hall. We started off with mini hurdles, followed by skipping ten times with a skipping rope, knocking over skittles, dribbling Easter uni 4with a football and finishing with scoring a goal against our very own staff members. Some of our staff members were extremely good goalkeepers - they have missed their true calling!Easter uni 5

We then completed a team quiz, followed by a range of challenges. The challenges were the logo challenge, the marshmallow challenge and the no hands cup stacking challenge. Our personal favourite has to be the no hands cup stacking challenge, this was a first for all and was very amusing. We were placed into teams of 4/5, then given 10 plastic cups and an elastic band, which had 4/5 pieces of string attached. The aim was to stack the cups in a pyramid using only the pieces of string – no hands. All teams completed the challenges, some took longer than others, but overall everyone worked as a team and succeeded together.

Amber, Farjana and Xavier were extremely proud of their fantastic artwork and we couldn’t resist showcasing their masterpieces for all to appreciate, well done all three – you are Picassos in the making.

Here are some of the comments we have received from students who attended:

“Easter Uni was awesome it has helped me forget about Covid which is great!” – Anon.

“Easter Uni has made me realise that even in the current circumstances, happiness and laughter always prevails” – Joel.

“I am grateful for Easter Uni and feel that there is no room for improvement as I think it is already perfect” – Anon.

Easter uni 6Easter uni 7We would like to thank all the students that took part in this year’s Easter Uni and for all of your lovely feedback, we truly are grateful to you all and look forward to seeing you all at the Summer University.