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Posted on: September 29th 2021

Whitmore High School A Level Results

A level results headerAfter an impressive 40% A*/As at A Level, the Head of 6th Form, Dan Topley, said “"Well done to all our Year 13 students! It has been an absolute pleasure working these highly motivated students over the last few years. I'm extremely proud of their determined approach towards their studies throughout the unprecedented situation they have found themselves in. Their hard work and resilience has shone through and is reflected in the fantastic results that they have achieved. I'd also like to show my appreciation for all the support from their parents/carers. They are now ready to pursue their passions including Computer Science, Medicine and Law. I would like to wish them all the best for their future.” 

Moji Aguda, Head of Year, added “Never has a year group faced such challenges, but they have not only overcome these, but thrived. When they were learning remotely at home, they persevered, working independently and adapting successfully to every change with a positive, ‘can-do’ attitude. They deserve their excellent grades and their universities are lucky to have recruited such resilient and adaptable students. We wish them all success and happiness in their chosen future studies. We look forward to seeing them flourishing in the years to come. Well done Year 13!”

LOSHANA SIVANARUL (Biology A*, Chemistry A, Further Maths A*, Maths A) UCL - Medicine

“I'm so grateful for the support of my family and my teachers at Whitmore. A Levels were especially challenging but I'm very happy my hard work paid off. I'm now really excited about continuing my medical journey at UCL.”

THINOGEN BALENDRAN (Chemistry A*, Further Maths A*, Maths A*, Physics A*, Extended project A) University of Warwick - Computer Systems Engineering

“Having already helped me achieve great success in my GCSE's, teachers at Whitmore have pushed me further to achieve great success in my A Levels. I am extremely grateful for all the help and support from both my teachers and fellow students. I am thrilled to be studying Computer Systems Engineering at Warwick University as this was my ideal choice.”

SCARLETT RUSSELL (English Literature A*, History A*, Psychology A, Extended Project A*) University of Bristol - English

“I am overjoyed with my results and am extremely thankful for the education and support that Whitmore has provided me. To be able to study English at Bristol is something that I am elated about. I have no doubt that my time at Bristol will further my passion for Literature to new lengths, something only possible due to the understanding of those who taught me.”

ELIA YOUSF (Economics A*; History A*; Politics A*) University of Warwick – Philosophy, Politics and Economics

“I am so grateful for the support that I have received from Whitmore and my family. I am overjoyed by the prospect of studying at the University of Warwick this September and hope to excel in my chosen course.”

VAISHALI RATNA (Further Maths A*, Maths A*, Physics A*) University of Bristol - Physics with Scientific Computing

“I am so thankful to my teachers for supporting me and staying calm through the past 2 turbulent years. As for the future, I can only hope to achieve the same sort of success that I achieved at Whitmore.”

NIHAD ATTAB (Economics A*, French A, Maths A*) University of Bristol - Economics and Management

“After a year of unprecedented change, even the thought of finishing A Levels seemed impossible. However, I am over the moon with my results. This was the fruit of my hard work, commitment and resilience coupled with the encouragement, competence and unwavering support from my teachers. My journey won't stop here. Success breeds success and I will now preserve and continue to challenge myself at University. Thank you to my teachers and my peers.”

JAMES WHITCOMBE (BTEC Sport Distinction*; Distinction*; Distinction*) Brunel University – Sports Science

“My experience at Whitmore has been exceptional. The teachers have been very helpful and supportive, giving me their time to ensure I got the best grades possibly. My results will allow me to study the course of my choice and I would like to return to teach at Whitmore one day.”

SHAFIA KHAN MALIK (Government and Politics A; Law A*; Psychology A*) London School of Economics – Law

“I am extremely fortunate to have studied at Whitmore. The school has provided me with all the support and resources that I needed to achieve such good results. I am excited to see where my journey at LSE will lead. Congratulations to all my peers; our hard work has paid off!”

JANICE GILBERTS (BTEC Health and Social Care Distinction*; Distinction*; Distinction*) University of Derby – Mental Health Nursing

“I am excited to start my new journey at Derby and I feel that Whitmore has prepared me well to take this next step. With the guidance and support that I have received from all the amazing teachers, I am confident in my continued success.”

SANJULA HETTIARACHCHIGE (Computer Science A*; Maths A*; Further Maths A*; Physics A*; Extended Project A) University of Warwick – Computer Systems Engineering

“What a year it has been! I am extremely grateful for the support and motivation that my teachers have provided. Studying Computer Science was a natural choice for me and I am excited to start at the University of Warwick and for the new experiences that await me there.”

AYALLAH JOHN (BTEC Health & Social Care Distinction*; Distinction*; Distinction*) University of Nottingham – Law

“I am so excited to start this new chapter in my lift and I wouldn’t have had this opportunity without the help and support of my teachers and my Head of Year, Miss Aguda. I look forward to pursuing my dream career. I will never forget Whitmore which is where my passion started.”

JONNY DE CRUZ (French A*; Maths A*; Further Maths A*; Physics A*) University of Southampton – Ship Science

“The past 7 years have been the most productive, enriching and enjoyable of my life. I came to the school without any knowledge of how to better myself or do well, and the fact that I have done both of those things is proof that Whitmore has been one of my best experiences. I cannot fault the teachers or the teaching and that, along with the support I have had from my peers and family is why I have succeeded. I am looking forward to going to university and studying at a superior level, but I will never forget this school.”

ELOISE FREDICK-HARGRAVE (English Literature A; Geography A*; Sociology A*) University of Bristol – Sociology

“I have very much enjoyed my time at Whitmore and have valued the experience and education that I have received throughout my time here. The staff have always been incredibly supportive and friendly. I am so proud of the grades that I have achieved and give me confidence to start university life.”

RISIBAA PUVANENDRARASHA (Biology B; Geography A*; History A*; Extended Project A*) University of Nottingham – Archaeology

“I’d like to thank all my teachers, peers and staff for their support with my studies, university applications and wellbeing. The last few years have been challenging but I will definitely miss Whitmore!”