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Posted on: March 9th 2023

World Book Day

World Book Day at WhitmorePicture6

The Whitmore, World Book Day 2023 took place in the Library on Thursday 9th March. The Library Managers invited in five, published authors of fiction to meet the students in Y7 and give them first–hand experience of what it is like to be an author. Jagoda (Y7) made a comment about the authors’ opening speeches saying, ‘I found the authors speeches very interesting. I loved the enthusiasm and details. It made me want to read the book.’

Her friend Mina (Y7) also made an observation saying she thought, ‘...the authors were really inspiring and they gave me a chance to know the person behind the mask.’

Alex Cotter, one of World Book Day  authors from 2022, was invited back as she was already on the Library's Y7 Reading List with her debut novel, ‘The House on the Edge’. Y7 students Aj and Ghada are pictured above holding copies of The House on the Edge, alongside Alex with her new novel ‘The Mermaid Call’, published March 2023. Ghada said that, ‘World Book Day was really good. I  mainly enjoyed talking with the author, Alex Cotter. I found her very interesting.

Grace (Y7) commented, ‘I think it was very interesting about the authors was enjoyable.’ Zlata (Y7) observed, ‘I found it interesting to have the opportunity I was not able to have before. I enjoyed being able to speak to the inspired me to read more.’ The authors also took inspiration and great enjoyment from reading some of the original , creative writing of the Y7 students. Alex Cotter in particular saying, of one student’s work, ‘It was especially brilliant to feast my eyes on your,  incredible writing and excellent notebook of ideas.’  With comments like those, maybe the Library will  invite back one of the Y7s from 2023 as a guest author in 2033!Picture7