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Posted on: January 12th 2024

Preparing For Opportunities Conference

Preparing For Opportunities Conference

On Friday 12th January Year 11 students enjoyed a one day conference to help them prepare for life after school.

The students were able to choose three career taster workshops during the day. These interactive sessions were led by professionals within their field of expertise. The workshops explored the variety of jobs available in each area, the skills and qualifications needed and the working environment.

Students had a chance to: experience a virtual escape room which provided insight into cyber security, explore the role of a modern engineer, understand the challenges of becoming a doctor, design and create a mini video, be a graphic designer, learn how to become a nurse or a paramedic, discover a range of digital careers - plus many other activities!

The students were able to choose from more than twenty different potential career sectors ranging from Art & Design and the creative industries through to Medicine, Nursing, Computer Science, Business & Marketing, Sport Science, Psychology, Law and everything in-between! The students were given a unique insight into potential career paths and were able to put questions to the experts at the end of each session.

Below are a few comments from our students:

  • Hussain: “The cyber security workshop was amazing! The knowledge I gained was in depth and very detailed. I left thinking this is what I want to do!”
  • Raheem: “The engineering workshop was really enjoyable as I got to make circuits”.
  • Masuud: “I really enjoyed the Business workshop as I had the opportunity to create a business idea. I know this is what I want to do with my future”.

We are very grateful to all the presenters who gave up their time to plan and deliver a fantastic set of workshops.