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Posted on: December 20th 2017

Master Classes of Engineering at Brunel University London

Master classThese Saturday masterclasses have aimed to nurture creative skills, and encourage students to consider a career in engineering. Some enthusiastic students from Whitmore were chosen to attend these masterclasses and here they describe their experiences:

Alexander Hood—9ZI ‘Brunel University’s Maths Engineering masterclasses are a great way of expanding knowledge and creative thinking in maths. During our first session we built a tower out of marshmallows, coffee stirrers and other components. We were given a limited amount of resources, also we were given an option to buy more material within a certain budget (£50). We had to think of the best structural design for the tower to be able to withstand several weights without toppling over, whilst trying to spend as little of our budget as possible.

Meeting with other students from different schools was exciting, and everyone came Master class 1up with various ideas and solutions on how to solve this mathematical and engineering problem. The staff members were extremely friendly and welcoming. I would definitely recommend these masterclasses to a friend.’

Fariba Walakzai—9LE ‘Brunel University was an amazing experience. I faced many challenges with my peers though we persevered and overcame them together. All the tasks required us to apply some of our mathematical knowledge to the problems which I enjoyed. We all learnt so much from the sessions and I am eager to apply this knowledge in the future’.

Pereeyan Sivakumar—9CH ‘Brunel Institute of Engineering is a great way to explore your mathematical skills, and other talents, and to expand your knowledge. It was a memorable experience, sharing our ideas with each other to come up with solutions’.

Diviya Acharya — 9CH ‘Brunel University is an amazing place to learn, make new friends and explore your hidden talents. We looked at many things such as how bridges are designed and tested before they are made to the grand scale.

Israr Alam — 9ZI ‘At first, I didn’t know what to expect of Brunel University but I was captivated by all the knowledge I was taking in and I enjoyed the creative aspects of the tasks. These sessions were influential. I think I would definitely like to be an engineer or maybe programme robots’

Mehdi Belhaj — 9ZI‘I really enjoyed my experience in Brunel University particularlyMaster class 2 the ‘chocolate welding’ session. The tutors that came were amazing and taught us so much. In every practical we did, we had to consider and evaluate many solutions to the problems we faced. There were many challenges, but we were successful in achieving our goals’.

Asma Hassan — 9RU ‘We had a great insight into all the aspects of engineering and mathematics involved in our challenges. I loved the Robotics session best. There was so much we learned from these masterclasses and everyone was extremely friendly.

Many thanks to Mrs Bharadawa who organised this amazing event for us.