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Posted on: June 13th 2018

Year 10 Interview Experience Days

Representatives from local industry, universities, colleges and other major Interview dayorganisations came into school to interview our Year 10 students. The purpose was to give the students an opportunity to experience a formal work related interview before they go out on work experience in July. The interview lasted up to 30 minutes with the advisor discussing the student’s CV, giving advice on the presentation and how to improve the content.

The students were asked what they had learnt from the experience which would help them with future interviews.Interview day

They responded with a wide range of answers:-

☺ I now know how to project my voice with confidence. I can sit with the correct posture, maintain good eye contact and have a firm handshake – all creating a positive impression of myself.

☺ Meeting new people is interesting and of benefit. The interviewer advised me on what to target to improve my CV and interview performance, and what an employer would expect.Interview day

☺I learnt how to adapt my CV and provide detailed answers to questions. I am now much more confident that I can cope really well with this situation in the future and have developed essential interview skills.

☺I can now manage my nerves and know how to prepare questions in advance. I know what happens in an interview situation and will be well prepared in the future.

☺ I learnt so much today and every aspect of the interview experience was really useful. I realise that participating in school activities and activities outside will really Interview dayhelp to improve my CV.

☺ I now know that I should use examples of scenarios I have been in to relate to the interviewer’s questions and that this can be really powerful during an interview.

The advisors also gained much from the 2 day experience and responded by saying:

Interview day☼ What a great event and very valuable for the students to help them focus on what they want to achieve in the future.

☼ I was really impressed at how engaged the students were; it was enjoyable to spend time with such talented and hardworking young people. They showed a maturity way beyond their years.

☼ It’s been an absolute pleasure to be here and was lovely to meet such engaged students – I would love to come again.

☼ The students were brilliant – fully engaged and interested - a real credit to the school.

☼ Every student came in with a desire to make the best of this opportunity and to learn for their future and were extremely well prepared for this event.

☼ I thought the concept of the day was extremely useful to the students, also I was stunned by the calibre of the students.

☼ Thank you so much, it was a great experience meeting such capable, diverse and impressive students. They are all heading for interesting futures.

Thank you very much to everyone involved with organising and participating in this very worthwhile event - V Sullivan - Careers Co-ordinator