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Posted on: January 24th 2019

Apprenticeship Workshops

Apprenticeship workshop 1On 13th November, Year 10 were lucky to have an assembly about the positive opportunities that are available if you apply for apprenticeships. You getApprenticeship workshop 2 to study, earn money and take responsibility of working in a real job. This follows on from the work we have been doing looking at careers, CVs and work experience. Later on during the day, we got the opportunity to take part in some workshops that allowed us to further understand the requirements and expectations for the completion of an apprenticeship. We got to look at the types of jobs available and whether these may be suitable for us dependant on wages, distance, level of work etc. There were jobs as varied as engineering, dentistry, health and beauty, graphic design and finance. The apprenticeship expert showed us a website where you could find jobs and see the details of each one. Some of the jobs brought in a very high income but you would have to work very Apprenticeship workshop 3hard and get good GCSEs to be even considered for these. Some jobs were also local and could be easily reached, whereas others were slightly further away but involved top companies such as Warner Brothers Studios or British Airways. Apprenticeships are far easier for us to look into than we first thought and an excellent choice if Sixth form or College is not for you. Thank you Miss Prest and Mr Rake for letting us take part in these workshops. Lynn Bouji, 10CMB Apprenticeship workshop 4