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Posted on: July 17th 2019

Achievement Evening 2019

On the evening of Monday 8th July, Whitmore High School hosted its annual Achievement evening 1Achievement Evening to celebrate the successes of its student body.

Achievement Evening is designed to recognise academic achievement and effort across the curriculum, as well as contributions to the wider school community, including sport, business and enterprise and charity work.

This year, the school was honoured to have ex-student George Rance speak at the event, and award students with their certificates and trophies. George has recently graduated from York University, with a degree in English Literature.

Winners were joined by their parents and carers, as well as the school’s staff and governors, who watched with pride as they met George on stage to receive their highly deserved awards. Guests were also treated to performances by the school’s Jazz Band and Choir.

It was a wonderful evening, enjoyed by all who took part. Huge congratulations once again to all our exceptionally talented and hardworking students and finally, a thank you as always to parents and carers and staff for their continuing support and contribution to their success.

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