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Posted on: September 25th 2019

2019 GCSE Results

Gcse results headerWhitmore High School was celebrating record GCSE results today as 94 students achieved 5 or more 7-9 grades – and two students achieved the top mark in the country in their GCSE Science exams. Sue Hammond, Headteacher, said:"We are so proud of these students who thoroughly deserve to celebrate today. These results represent a new record for Whitmore and I am particularly delighted with the high number of top grades this year. A huge thank you to staff and parents for their part in these impressive results.

"Kavisha (10 Grade 9s) said "I would like to thank the teachers for all the hard work and effort they put into us and the students who were really supportive throughout my journey.

"Sanjula (10 Grade 9s) added "As I opened my envelope, it dawned on me that a decade of academia had accumulated to this momentous moment. However, a flooding sense of relief engulfed me knowing that my hard work had paid off. I will be forever grateful for the teachers here who have always supported me throughout my time at Whitmore"

Elia (10 Grade 9s) remarked "Thank you for the support from my teachers and form tutors. Looking forward to pursuing a career in Politics within the upcoming years."

Thinogen (10 grade 9s) – As I opened the envelope, the hours and hours of tedious homework and revision flashed through my mind. I wasn’t expecting anything great but my expectations were destroyed when an array of numbers came out of the paper. I am truly grateful for all the teachers who never gave up on me and kept pushing me forwards to get the best grades I could. I hope I will be able to keep this high standard up in year 12 when I study Maths , Further Maths, Chemistry and Physics.

Nikesh (9 Grade 9s) – Thank you so much to ALL my teachers from Year 7 to Year 11 that have helped me accomplish the best of my ability for GCSEs and more!

Loshana (9 Grade 9s) – I am very grateful for all of my teachers and my parents for supporting me. I wouldn’t have achieved these amazing results. I hope to also be successful in my A Levels as well which I’m looking forward to a lot.

Jonny (7 Grade 9s) – When I got my envelope, I was far too afraid to open it at first, but when I saw my results, I was simply overjoyed. I now know that I can carry on with my A Levels as I have always wanted and for this I’d like to thank all my teachers and my friends, who have encouraged me to do as well as I possibly can.

Anolie ( 8 Grade 9s) – Seeing my grades and realising I had not miserably failed every subject was the most relieving and unbelievably joyful moment! I’m very happy to now be taking all the subjects I love at A Level – the hard work did pay off! I must thank the work and sacrifice of all my teachers in particular, who encouraged me to strive for the best and stay on game always.

Harry  (10 grade 9s) – Although I wasn’t there on results day, I was overjoyed when I opened the envelope containing my results as soon as I got back home! I was especially happy with my results in Physics and Music since I wasn’t sure whether picking them as A Levels was the right choice. I am incredibly thankful for all the help and support given to me by my teachers that gave me everything I needed to achieve what I did!

Vaishali  (10 grade 9s) – Even before I opened my results I had tears in my eyes. I ws a nervous wreck, shaking so much that when I finally plucked up the courage to open the dreaded envelope I could barely see the numbers. And when I had managed to read my results, there was no calming me down! That feeling of relief is thanks to my teachers and partly my work! Hopefully I will feel the same in two years time!