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Posted on: November 1st 2019

Science Museum Visit to Whitmore

The science museum outreach team joined year 7 students in an exhilarating and highly educational Science museum 1event at Whitmore High School.

All year 7 students had the opportunity to extend their knowledge and understanding about solids, liquids and gases. This topic links to the current chemistry module they are studying in school. The event supported students in explaining chemical concepts such as the particle model as well as developing a greater appreciation for chemistry in the everyday world.

The science museum demonstrators encouraged the students to get actively involved in chemical experiments, Science museum 2many of which were very loud and exciting to watch.

The year 7 students then wrote in an informed and interesting manner when they completed their homework task on solids, liquids and gases.

Students’ feedback after the event included:

"The best thing about the show was the exploding paint can. Science museum 3This science show has inspired me to go to the science museum as I would have so much fun learning about different materials and the chemical world." Hibaq

"The science museum day was really fun. The theme was material world. The experiments were fun and I learned lots of new facts such as materials have different properties that are linked to their structure and bonding."Amir

Science museum 4"During the science show we had the pleasure of viewing the science museum’s new exhibition: material world! We were educated about atoms, molecules and structure. We found out that different elements, from the periodic table react in different ways. All this information was exhibited by various experiments such as the screaming jelly baby and the exploding paint tin." Tanisha

"The science workshop was very interactive and enjoyable. It helped us to learn about materials in a fun way by showing us experiments and it was very informative." Polly and Riya

"The workshop we had about science was extremely interesting as I learned many new things which Science museum 5were demonstrated through various experiments and this made it fun. Some of the experiments included: an exploding paint can, burning gummy bears, freezing ice, making mini green fireworks and testing materials etc." Gabriela Science museum 6