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Posted on: April 1st 2020


A group of Year 7 students were recently selected to go on a trip to the Science Science museum 1Museum. I could tell everyone was excited seeing the expression on their faces. I was thrilled to go to the Science Museum and glad to learn that I can make new friends, learn new things and have a great time there.

Once everyone was ready at the school, we all got into the coach. It took a long time, but we eventually got there. There were so many things to see and do at the museum. Once we reached there, we were put into groups of 10.

The first thing my group did was to see ‘Science Show’. It was about New-ton’s 3 laws. To make us understand the 3 laws, there was an amazing demonstration called the Human Rocket. For example, two people sat on chairs, and when the lighter person pushed the heavier person, the heavier person didn’t accelerate much. When the heavier person pushed the lighter person, the lighter person went faster. From this, I learned that lighter objects accelerate faster than heavier objects. Another demonstration showed that when a gas is compressed, it heats up.

After that, we went to an exhibit called "Engineer your Future". This place had a lot of fun games, about complex engineering, like electrical grids, rail networks and baggage handling systems.

When we were finished, we went to another exhibit called "Who am I?". I found this exhibit very interesting, since there were so many things we could explore there. I learned so many things about humans that I never knew before. I also learned about feelings - there are many ways to express your feelings: facial expressions, actions, etc. This exhibit also showed me how the human brain works. I learned how some people have specific phobias. Did you know that some people are scared of the number 13? Don’t worry, only 1 of 8 people have a phobia.

Science museum 2The last place we visited was ‘Wonder - we went to a huge exhibit filled with a lot of science facts and practicals. We learned about electricity and saw lightning, and learning about gravity, force and motion changed my view about science.

Overall, I had an amazing time at the science museum, and would love to visit it again, soon! Thank you Year 7 team for organising this amazing trip for students and providing us this opportunity to explore STEM subjects.

Archita (7HRB)