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Posted on: December 4th 2020

Year 11 GCSE Exam Buster Workshop

Exam buster 1On Wednesday 11th and Friday 13th November, the Year 11 cohort of students took part in an Exam Buster workshop which was a multisensory, active learning experience designed towards preparing us for our GCSE’s.

Some of the content covered in the workshop includes: the RICE exam system for answering examExam buster 2 questions, past paper challenge, managing time in an exam, secrets of a successful memory, overcoming mental blocks, dual coding, sticky note snap, flashcards and the Leitner System.

The session in itself was quite effective and with very helpful revision techniques. It was interesting, and helped us structure our revision more actively. The presenter was nice, very engaging and enthusiastic. We also learnt new information and unique methods, using colour co-ordination with mind maps.

Exam buster 3Finally, we found the workshop so useful that we are already embedding these techniques in our revision.

Written by: Adsaya P, David M., Fatima F., Henaa S., Nivachi S., Ruba O., Zaynab A.



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