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Posted on: December 4th 2020

Student Selected for Great Britain Team Trials!

Team trials 1Acrobatic Gymnast Natalia (7CMB) has been selected by the BritishTeam trials 2 coach to attend the Great British Squad trials, in early 2021, ahead of the selection for the World Championships 2021. This selection means that Natalia is classed as an elite athlete and can continue to train with her coach during the lockdown period. Natalia travelled to Portugal in February and won a silver medal, against several other countries. We are incredibly proud of Natalia and excited to see how the next 12 months pan out. We have interviewed Natalia to find out a little more about her sporting lifestyle.

Athlete Showcase - Natalia

How often do you train?

I currently train 5 days a week for approximately 3 hours each session, but this is due to Covid restrictions. Normally I train for 22 hours a week, including sessions before school at 6am and also after school until 9pm in the evening. I get two days of rest a week.

Team trials 3

What is your favourite thing about gymnastics?

The joy I feel when I get a new move or finally reach a goal that I've been working towards. I love bigger and better moves, trying to be the best and working hard.

How would you explain acrobatic gymnastics to those who don't know what it is?

Acro is a partner sport where 2-4 people balance on top of each other or the smallest one in the group (that's me) gets thrown in the air to do somersaults.

How did you feel when you were selected for the Great Britain team trials?

Over the moon! I was so excited, I could hardly express myself. All I wanted to do was jump up and down and scream. I've always wanted to be selected for trials.

How do you balance your training with homework?

You just get it done! I find time in the morning before school if I don't have training, on my days off or if it's an earlier training session, I do it afterwards. Mrs Rhodes is checking in weekly to make sure I'm organised and coping with everything, as she trained like this when she was my age and is a GB acro coach now. It's nice to have someone in the school who understands me and supports me, but homework is definitely not my biggest problem as I just stay organised and I love what I do.

Team trials 4