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Posted on: December 4th 2020

Anti-bullying Week 2020 - "United Against Bullying"

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This year’s Anti-Bullying Week took place from 16th to 20th November, with the key message "united against bullying". Here at Whitmore, students had an anti-bullying PSHE lesson where they discussed bullying as a group behaviour and identified the different roles people play in allowing bullying to take place. Each form then came up with their own anti-bullying message and designed a STOP sign to be displayed on noticeboards around the school. There were some important messages being put forward and some really creative designs to promote such key messages. Feedback from the week’s activities was extremely positive, with students really recognising the importance of reporting bullying and uniting together to put a stop to it. Well done to the following forms who had the winning STOP sign design for their year group: 13CLK, 12AIS, 11CRW, 10CXM, 9TXD, 8BCG, 7AJB. A number of activities will follow over the course of the year as we continue to educate students and promote anti-bullying as a school.