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Posted on: February 11th 2021

Year 11 - Careers Information Day (Friday 18th December)

Careers information day 1Year 11 students are now entering an important phase in their academic life as they prepare to complete their applications for their Post-16 choices. 'Traditional' ways of preparing students for this have unfortunately been disrupted, but we have been especially focused this year on ensuring that students still have opportunities to consider and be informed about their next steps. So, on Friday 18th December, Year 11s participated in a 'Careers Information Day' at school. This experience also supplemented the Future Choices events that were held in school in October.

Three workshops were organised for the students.  One Careers information day 2session focused on exemplifying employability skills through CV writing. Students were also tasked to investigate a large variety of different pathways (academic and vocational) that would give them access to a wide range of different careers. Finally they participated in a guided workshop that helped them to identify particular individual strengths that were well-matched to careers. By researching the labour market information (wages) associated with these careers, Careers information day 3students were also equipped with important information which will allow them to make informed career choices.

The students were extremely engaged throughout the day and are very focused on their futures, despite the disruption of the last year. Hopefully the events that they have attended at school this year (as well as the excellent parental guidance for which the school is always grateful) will ensure our Year 11s make decisive and informed decisions that will help to shape a bright future.

Mr Topley