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Posted on: December 18th 2020

Whitmore Readers

As you are aware, reading for pleasure has many benefits and can improve our students’ sense of connectedness to the wider community. 

It increases their understanding of identity, improves empathy and gives them a chance to see into the world view of others. Reading books can help students to learn, understand and improve creative writing skills and develop their knowledge, vocabulary expansion and thinking skills. After several days of regular reading and looking up new words that students don’t understand, their vocabulary size will begin to increase one word at a time.

If students reads every day, new words and phrases will fill their mind with new vocabulary that they might never have learned without reading books.

Therefore, as part of a whole school initiative to promote Reading for Pleasure, Year 7 and 8 Students are taking part in an Independent Book Project. The project requires students to choose a book or article. Once they have made this choice there are specific tasks within the project; they begin to explore how the author has created the characters and made the world in which the book is set come to life. Each student is expected to complete a booklet and for each booklet completed, the student is awarded a bespoke “Whitmore Reader” badge to display proudly on their blazers.

All “Whitmore Readers” are entered into a prize draw at the end of each term. There is a chance to win a new Kindle and £50 worth of Amazon vouchers for first prize and £50 of Amazon vouchers for the runner up! So many reasons to get reading and get involved. It would be wonderful if parents could encourage their children to participate and help them to get their imaginations thriving!

Whitmore readers