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Posted on: November 2nd 2021

The Air Ambulance Charity Event – Murder Mystery

Kindness has its way of coming back to you and I saw it in real life.Air ambulance 1
During the holidays, I did some charity work. I raised money to help
the Air Ambulance UK. This was because air ambulances do not
get funded by the government as it is expensive, however, air ambulances run fully on donations from people like me, you and my team. 

I got this opportunity because my school allowed me go to an online conference; I learned about how to become a doctor and how I can improve my grades to reach my potential. A few weeks after the conference another participant of the conference contacted me. In her message she asked for two more members for a team to do a murder mystery event to raise some
money for charity, so I decided to volunteer. 

I was in a team of 17 people and each of us had a different job. For example, my job was graphics and design and my role was to create posters and tickets to support the event. We also had an Instagram account which you can still find. We contacted BBC News, ITV News, Manchester United fan page and a range of companies and medical professionals who have many followers. In order to achieve wider audience participation for many medical professionals advertised the charity events on their Instagram story.

Finally, we got an audience and, as planned, we did the event on the 4th of September. The event was about having our guests, who will act as detectives to solve a mystery and indentify the killer. The suspects, played by our team, introduced the event and discussed their whereabouts before the murder. This was followed by a character Question and Answer in breakout rooms which gave the guests a chance to ask their own questions. The guests then voted for one character to interrogate in “the hot seat” before voting for whom they believed was the murderer.

Air ambulance 2The winner of the event received an Amazon gift card and additionally, we had the most amazing surprise as we raised a total of £320 which exceeded the £100 target.

Following the event, the UK Air Ambulance has volunteered to write us references for our future careers and gave all participants a certificate and pin badge to celebrate our achievements.

by Daksana 11SYI