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Posted on: November 2nd 2021

European Day of Languages

'How many languages are spoken in London?’European day of languages 1

‘What do Polish speakers mean when they say "Zrobić kogoś w konia"? (literal translation: to turn someone into a horse)?’

These are just two of the questions that KS3 students attempted to answer on Friday 24th September as part of a quiz to celebrate the European Day of Language. Students hunted high and low to find the answers to 13 questions hidden around the school in a race to win a prize. Congratulations to Harjot (7NXA) and Nivedita (8SBY) who were victorious in their year groups.

European day of languages 2This year is the 20th Anniversary of the European Day of Languages which celebrates the linguistic and cultural diversity of our continent. As well as the KS3 quiz, the Languages Department organised a variety of events to get all students involved. In form time, students listened to and guessed what language was being spoken and attempted other quizzes from the official European Day of Languages website. (You’re welcome to have a go yourself!)

During their language lessons Year 8s discovered the various languages used in Disney films and Year 7 students celebrated the rich linguistic diversity of Europe through quizzes and attempting to learn “Let It Go” from Disney’s Frozen in various languages. They also created posters celebrating the different languages spoken at Whitmore.

We are looking forward to celebrating this annual event next September! Until then, why not practise the following French tongue twister: Un chasseur sachant chasser sait chasser sans son chien de chasse. Bonne chance!

Mme Bali