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Posted on: October 21st 2022

Lumiere Candle Business Shines Brightly at Tycoon Competition

Lumiere competition'Lumiere' - a personalized candle making business started by Karishma , Sara, Aleesha, Samanta and Najma in Year 11, as a part of Peter Jones Foundation's competition Tycoon, was selected for the finals of the competition amongst 300 teams across UK. They were chosen on the basis of their excellent social media campaign, customer engagement and attention to detail towards the product. The girls represented Whitmore at Tobacco Docks where they Lumiere competition 1attended the final and were runners up for the competition in the KS4 category. At the event, they had the privilege to meet the successful entrepreneur who started his career from Dragons Den, Levi Roots and the famous Tik Tok star Luke Vernon. The girls confidently interacted with both VIPs, along with several other industry experts who attended the event.

In light of their excellent communication skills, and outstanding market stall at the event, they were also invited to attend a fund raiser for the Peter Jones Foundation this month, where they also had the opportunity to meet Peter Jones himself, and had his advice on how to take their business forward. At the event, Lumiere was also approached by another brand who wanted to collaborate with them, and were ready to place an order for the candles if and when the group decide to expand their business. 

Lumiere competition 2Lumiere competition 3Overall, the entire Tycoon journey was an excellent learning experience, where the group learnt how to develop a business plan, start and run an actual business, address the challenges that come along the way, and develop their communication skills.