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Posted on: October 21st 2022

Year 7 Problem Solving and Team Building Workshop

All year 7 students took part in an all-day event provided by The Problem Solving Company. Students learnt to work and build connections with others, develop new team Problem solvingbuilding skills, improve group dynamics and relationships as they embark on their secondary school journey.

The activities that the students took part in developed their social skills; they learnt how to communicate their ideas and points of view, as well as learning how to cooperate with one another to achieve a goal.

All activities allowed students to demonstrate our year group ethos: ‘engage, inspire and always aim higher.’

‘It’s a lovely event where all students had the opportunity to work together as a form Problem solving 1group. One student said “I learnt to work as a team and listen to other student’s advice.’ Emmanuel JHP

Another student commented “The activity day was great because it helped us build our teamwork and skills. It was also enjoyable because it made us bond together as a form group.” Savija TXH

A third student said “The activity day was fun and creative. The best part of day was the ski activity because the team I was Problem solving 2in made it fun; we cooperated with each other and motivated each other”. Imran SEH.


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