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Posted on: July 13th 2023

Art Exhibition

Art Exhibition 2023

The 2023 art show was displayed in the main hall the last week before the end of term. The exhibitions displayed Year 11 coursework and exam work produced over the past three years in Fine Art, Ceramic and Sculpture for GCSE.

The fine art pupils produced a range of painting based on self portraits and identity along with natural forms or still life using surrealism topics in art. The ceramic and sculpture artwork was based on natural abstract forms or clay heads that related to pupils interest. The pupils also had to produce artwork based on the topics set by the exam boards for 2023 ranging from flight, layers, our world, objects, the senses, aged and reflections. All the pupils produced their own creative responses to the topics with personal ideas for the exam.

The show was open to all staff members, the Year 11 pupils and their family members who visited the private view in the evening on Thursday 13th July 2023. The exhibition comments book that visitors could write in, had the following comments about the exhibition:

· What a wonderful, talented set of work produced by pupils.

· Amazing work displayed by the pupils.

· Thank you to all the teachers for your hard work