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Posted on: December 1st 2023

Year 8 Cultural Buffet

Year 8 Cultural Buffet

On Friday 1st December Year 8 Food Technology students took part in a cultural buffet to celebrate all their hard work during their food rotation, learn about foods from all over the world and try ‘something new’ to eat.

Below are comments from some of the children who took part:

On Friday 1st December my food group all brought in food from their culture. People brought in food from countries such as Sri Lanka, Poland, Lebanon, Afghanistan and Jamaica. My favourite dish was Kothu from Sri Lanka. This dish included roti, chicken, mutton, and some amazing seasonings. This was my favourite dish as it had chillies and potatoes.  Adam 8FMD

My favourite food that I tried was the cream rolls from Afghanistan; the reason I liked it because it was sweet and not too heavy. It had homemade cream and homemade pastry. Aleena 8HNK

Out of all the foods that I tried, the samosas, potato pakora and the pasta salad were my favourite. Wiktoria 8HNK

My favourite food was the Byrek from Albania because it was simple, the pastry was nice and crispy and it had feta cheese in it. Sonia 8HNK

My favourite food that I tried was the cream rolls from Afghanistan the reason I liked it was because it had homemade cream which made it taste good. Stacy 8HNK

Every single child bought in a dish and we ate a range of dishes that were savoury and sweet from all over the globe. It was a true cultural extravaganza and everyone enjoyed something new and were complimentary of all the dishes. We would also like to thank all the parents who took the time to cook the dishes with their children and who made this lesson such an important learning experience for all.