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Posted on: December 19th 2023

Whitmore Steel & Jazz Band Performance

Whitmore Steel & Jazz Band Performance

In the last week before Christmas, our steel and jazz band performed in the dining hall, giving us all an amazing festival experience as we were getting ready for the holidays. They played all of our favourite Christmas classics which got everyone in the mood to sing and join in, as it was such a joy to listen to.

Some of the songs played were ‘12 Days of Christmas’ and ‘Winter Wonderland’ by the steel band, ’Frosty the Snowman and ’A Holly Jolly Christmas’ by the jazz band. Sainthavi in Year 12 accompanied the jazz band with her rendition of ‘Don’t Know Why,’ her voice was amazing.

Their playing did well to spark our holiday spirits as they do every year, and we look forward to their next performances at the Music Concert on Wednesday, 7th February.