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Posted on: February 7th 2024

Whitmore's Musical Talents

Whitmore’s Musical Talents

We were thrilled to present our annual Music Concert on Wednesday February 7th 2024, showcasing a delightful array of musical talents. Hosted by our Year 13 music students, Elijah and Arjun, the evening kicked off with a warm welcome from the Real Book group, setting the stage for an enchanting musical journey. Serena, a talented Year 13 pianist, mesmerised the audience with a technically demanding piece by Khachaturian, followed by captivating performances by the String Ensemble and Choir under the guidance of our dedicated instrumental teachers.

The night continued with two groups, featuring Katrin, Karim, Emily M, Miria, Vanshika, and Xavier, playing pieces by Laufey and Christina Vidal. The Jazz Band then took centre stage, treating everyone to a selection of classics, including with Year 12 vocalist Sainthavi lending her voice to the performance.

From the Concert Band's rendition of film music to the debut of our newly formed Function Band featuring vocalists Karim and Esme, each act brought its own unique charm to the stage. The lively beats of the Samba band added a vibrant energy, while Sainthavi's emotive rendition of a musical theatre number from Aladdin added a touch of theatrical magic.

The evening finished with a energetic performance by our steel pans ensemble, leaving everyone in awe of the remarkable talent within our school community. This was a fantastic evening to show off our brilliant and talented musicians in the school. I would like to thank parents for coming, and their continued support.

Mr. Hau

Head of Music