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Posted on: March 21st 2024

Saponification at Whitmore!

Before the Easter holiday some of our amazing Year 8s had the opportunity to take part in a Saponification (Soap Making) Workshop thanks to Blessing in Year 8s Jack Petchey Award prize.

Blessing decided to share her win with her peers by using the prize money to pay for a Soap Making workshop that utilised both Science and entrepreneurship skills.

We had an outside guest come in and deliver the workshop and our young people made the following comments.


Student Reflections:

“The soap making workshop was really fun and was a great opportunity to learn about and develop team work, how to accurately follow instructions and be responsible. Overall, it was a really fun experience hosted by Ms. Gathura, who is also a Science teacher and Ms. Jayawardene. I would also like to thank Blessing for selecting me, and everyone else, to take part.” Adeeb

“During the workshop we made soap which was eco-friendly and used organic products including shea butter, oat milk and various fragrances. We put our mixtures in different moulds and left them to set overnight before we collected them the next day. This was a great experience and it gave us the opportunity to develop team and community skills and allowed us to make something that we could turn into a business!” Blessing

All the children involved had a great time and produced some amazing fragrant bars of soap!