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Posted on: January 31st 2017

Marcus Garvey Presentation Evening

marcus garvey presentationMarcus Garvey Presentation Evening Indeed, it was a night full of emotions, inspiration and creativity. Marcus Garvey was a Jamaican-born black nationalist who created a ‘Back to Africa’ movement in the United States. He became an inspirational figure for later civil rights activists. Through his workmarcus garvey presentation as a political leader, publisher, journalist, entrepreneur and orator, Garvey worked tirelessly to improve social justice and raise aspirations for black communities throughout the world. Based on this theme, students were encouraged to create a literacy piece of work focussing on unity.  During the recital and awards evening, the runners up and winners recited their outstanding work to a very proud audience of students, teachers and parents. I think it is fair to say that as the night went on and with every other poem being was recited, the standards were simply being raised. The students’ work was exceptionally put together and uniquely worded, truly reminding us of the importance of unity, togetherness and harmony which Garvey himself, was very well known for.

marcus garvey presentationIn addition to this, we had the honorary presence of two guests, Anthony Anaxagorou an award-winning poet and Bridget Minamore, a freelance journalist and poet who kindly participated in the evening.  They judged the entries of the competition as well as recited their remarkable and impressive poems which had the audience astonished and moved.  Finally, a huge thank you to all the submissions, Anthony and Bridget for supporting the competition, parents for attending the evening and congratulations to all the runners up and winners.

Winning Entry

Stand Together on the fields,
Where the vermillion like scarlet blood has been consigned to oblivion.
And whilst the continuous pounding echoes drone on and on,
The claret wounds eat deeper into the frost bitten flesh that yearns for warmth.
And although all comfort seems to have dispersed,
Unity awaits in the camouflaged khaki jackets,
To be the placebo that numbs all the pain.
Stand up to resist the deadly wind that blows against you.
Empower yourself with the masked anger to trump all wrongs,
And assert morals into the distorted community that is society.
To unite and to celebrate,
All races, cultures and stories,
The stories behind each individual.
Each individual that will unite.
Unite to make a team.
So stand.

By Mathura Panchadcharasarma – Year 10