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Posted on: November 27th 2017

All Different. All Equal


All Different. All EqualThis month, the students of Whitmore High School supported Anti-Bullying Week (13th-17th November) by making a stand against bullying on social media and pro-moting the slogan of this year’s campaign: All Different. All Equal.

During their PSHE lesson, students explored bullying on social media and its rein-forcement of stereotypes before discussing a range of individuals in the public eye, who use their social media to challenge stereotypes and make a positive contribu-tion to wider society. Motivated by the efforts of these individuals, students then wrote a mock-Tweet (in paper form) celebrating something unique and valuable about themselves.

Every students Tweet was then displayed on the school’s ‘Tweet Tree’ (see picture) and showcased to the school community at the end of Anti-Bullying Week.

Tweets included:

‘I help out in the library. I am happy to have a hobby that helps spread knowledge to the school community. It is a stepping stone in making young minds more aware of the world they live in.’

‘I’m a proud feminist and advocate for female rights and I try to spread my ideas, influence and point of view on platforms such as Instagram and Twitter.’

‘I’m a Muslim and I am proud it. Every religion matters in life so respect it.’

‘I do Aerial Static Trapeze. People enjoy watching it, especially my family. I have tak-en part in more than 20 shows.’

A huge thank you to the Whitmore Peer Advisors for promoting the week, and or-ganising the distribution and collection of Tweets and to Ms Hudson and Ms Mistry for creating such a wonderful display.