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Posted on: October 19th 2018

Healthy Eating Week: 8th October - 12 October 2018

From Monday 8th October to Friday 12th October we launched our Healthy Eating Week for all students. Healthy eating 1Students were encouraged to eat a nutritious, balanced diet to ensure they get the right vitamins and minerals to help them grow and develop optimally. Years 7 & 8 had assemblies on Tuesday & Wednesday on the merits of healthy eating educating them on making healthier choices and eating well during childhood. Nutritional managers from Chartwells, who are the schools catering providers, came to deliver the healthy eating sessions to both Year 7 & 8 on different days. The school chef, Mr Aybes, works very hard behind the scenes ensuring that nutritious well balanced meals for students and staff are provided. The numbers of students taking school meals has increased over the last few years as they realise that the delicious hot meal, including a dessert, is really good value and very tasty.

Healthy eating 2The students had a smoothie bike in their Healthy Eating session. This wacky invention is a stationary bike fitted with special blenders that spin as you pedal, mixing up delicious fruit smoothies in an instant. Students simply chose their preferred various fruits (mango, mixed berries, pears, blueberries, pineapple, melon, kiwi, apple or banana) filled the blender and pedalled away for a minute or two, and made a healthy pedal‐powered fruit smoothie.

A selection of student comments are as follows:

"I think that the session was a very good way to show us how to be healthy and exercise. I enjoyed the samples because they were a very tasty drink. I think the school dinners are very well cooked and theHealthy eating 3 meals are delicious. I love the way there are many options along with the snacks. I would recommend the healthy eating workshop because you will learn how important it is to stay healthy."

Mirian Pascu 8RSB

Healthy eating 4"I recommend every form to visit the workshop because they will learn something new about healthy eating and nutrition in the school, and if you follow the steps every day you will stay healthy and fit. The school dinners are very good and they produce many foods that are very healthy. I have learnt that you should eat two portions of fish once a week. One type of fish should be an oily variety such as mackerel and the other fish could be cod or sea bass."

Archie Campbell 8RSB

"I really enjoyed the session as it was fun looking at Healthy eating 5people blending smoothies whilst riding a bike and then trying the different smoothie combinations. I learnt that in our diet we need to have some carbohydrates, fruit and veg, protein, dairy and occasionally foods with fat. I really enjoyed the presentation as I think that I have also learnt what types of fish are healthy. I think that the school dinners are very good and offer us a variety of different options that are healthy and good for us. Overall I would recommend our school dinners as well as the healthy eating workshop because you can learn lots of new things, try different smoothies and get free fruit at the end."

Ariola Musai 8SRB

Healthy eating 6"I really enjoyed the session! The best bit about it was when we got to create our own smoothie by riding a bike. I don’t normally have school dinners but when I had them they were really nice. I would really recommend choosing Chartwells and their workshop." Dev Mehta 8RSB