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Posted on: October 19th 2018

Peer Mentoring

Peer mentoring 1On Wednesday 26th September, 36 students from Years 10-13 assembled in the school hall to be formally trained as Peer Mentors.

‘Whitmore Peer Mentoring’ is an annual programme delivered by the school which offers one-to-one mentoring and support services for students, which are facilitated by a trained Peer. The role of the Peer Mentor is to listen and encourage, as well as give help, Peer mentoring 3advice and guidance where appropriate. Peer Mentors are trained to help students navigate their way through a wide range of issues, from peer pressure to goal setting.

This year’s training session was delivered by Jo from ConnectEd, and took the form of an interactive workshop where students discussed the role of a mentor, including their qualities, conduct and practical strategies that they may use to build positive and supportive working relationships.

Peer mentoring 2Mentoring sessions have now begun, and will take place weekly.