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Posted on: December 19th 2018

Year 10 Motivational Assembly

Yr 10 motivational assembly 1On Tuesday 21st November, the former Vice-chairman of Arsenal Football Club the FA, David Dein, came to Whitmore High School to give Year 10 students a very motivating assembly. David currently provides motivational speeches around the country and we were so lucky to be able to witness one of these. David was one of the major players in the formation of the Premier League in 1992 and this league transformed sport into a family format due to the huge rise in the interest of football spectators of all ages. He is an insprational example of determination, great initiative and mental strength. David highlighted a few simple but incredibly strong messages such as; Why should we limit ourselves? Why do we fear being different? Why do we not believe in ourselves? We have all had moments where we do not speak out and express ourselves—why? Let's just be brave and go for it. An example of these messages in practice is when David supported the set up of female football leagues and provided new opportunities that no one had dared to before. Something we all understood was the importance of confidence. With confidence, everything is possible. We all have to aim high and prove ourselves. We would like to thank Mr Rake and Miss Prest for setting this up for us.

Below is some information about David;

David joined the Arsenal Board in 1983 and was made Vice-Chairman in the same year. He also rose to Vice-Chairman of the Football Association and has served on numerous UEFA and FIFA Committees. David was an early advocate for women’s football having been President of the hugely successful Arsenal Ladies Team. He was also the man who had the foresight to bring Arsene Wenger to Arsenal in 1996.

David was a prime mover when the Premier League was launched in 1992. As Greg Dyke, the former Chairman of the FA, told the Financial Times, "David Dein was the most revolutionary bloke I’ve met in football. David Dein created the Premier League, it was his idea."

Last year the Daily Mail published a list of the 50 most influential people in the history of the Premier League and David Dein was in the top ten with people like Sir Alex Yr 10 motivational assembly headerFerguson.

I thank David Dein for teaching us such valuable lessons, that will be beneficial to all of our futures. David left us with some incredibly powerful messages;

If your body is healthy, your mind is sharp.

Reach for the moon and if you fail you may still land in the stars.If you want to move forward, you have to stick your neck out.