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Posted on: January 24th 2019

Year 11 Preparing for Opportunities Conference - 2019

On Friday 11th January our Year 11 students enjoyed a one day conference to help them prepare for life after school. Pfo 1

The students were able to choose three career taster workshops during the day. These interactive sessions were led by professionals within their field of expertise. The workshops explored the variety of jobs available in each area, the skills and qualifications needed and the working environment.

Students had a chance to: analyse evidence from a famous trial, devise business plans, design and create a structure, create an electronic circuit board and wire a plug, code Pfo 2robots, create a film - plus many other activities!

The students were able to choose from twenty three different potential career sectors ranging from Art & Design through to Medicine, City & Finance, Life Sciences, Psychology, Media, Law and everything in between! The students were given a unique insight into potential career paths and were able to put questions to an expert at the end of each session.

The conference proved to be both an enjoyable and successful day and you will findPfo 3 some of the comments from the students below:

‘The workshops were very useful and I gained new in-depth knowledge, which will help me make decisions for the future.’

‘I really enjoyed the practical activities, particularly engineering.’

‘Useful insight into the different industries and jobs within certain fields.’

Pfo 4‘I can now really imagine working in those industries and pursuing a career in that area.’

‘Talking about possible A levels and future pathways was really interesting.’

‘I enjoyed the different aspects that each workshop covered and they also gave me a view from the outside world.’

‘I attended three very different workshops: Games Development, Childcare and TV and Film and it was an amazing experience – I loved it!’

‘I learned so much, especially in engineering as it was practical, interactive and entertaining - it brought the subject alive’

‘So happy that we had this opportunity as I learnt about jobs and life choices and the qualifications needed to get good jobs!

‘It was a really motivating day as I now have a better understanding of the different careers that are available and the benefits of each.’

‘I would like to do it all again!

Thank you to everyone who helped to make it such a successful day.

V Sullivan Careers Coordinator