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Posted on: February 20th 2023

Science Club

Science club has been a resounding success this year and we have created a range of fun activities for our KS3 students, exploring all three areas in science. This term pupils have been involved in the following activities:

· Extracting DNA from strawberries

· Actively learning about how engineers design and test new planes

· Exploring convection currents and changes of state by growing sugar crystal decorations and turning tea bags into hot air balloons

· Making glue from milk and vinegar, exploring proteins and the sustainability of plastics

· Dissecting a range of flowers to identify the common parts of both, exploring the variation in plants


These activities all link to topics students are learning about in Year 7. Science club is a great opportunity for students to explore concepts at greater depth, practise their lab techniques and make their own observations. Students from this year have quoted the following:


'In today's lesson, we extracted DNA from a strawberry. It was really easy and fun to do. I enjoyed it and we used ethanol to separate the strawberry mix to set the DNA.' Keira and Vir in 7ICG


'In today's lesson, we extracted DNA from a strawberry. We washed the strawberry and added detergent. We crushed the strawberry inside a zip bag. After we added the extracted strawberry juice and ethanol into the test tube, the DNA separated from the strawberry liquid. It was very intriguing to watch.' Claudia 7JHP and Aashna 7HEB