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Posted on: February 9th 2023

Cake Decorating Workshop

During the session, students learnt a variety of cake decorating methods and styles, including; the art of frosting and decorating cakes. They developed their skills to create gorgeous flowers, foliage, border designs, butterflies and many more.

Cake decorating not only allowed them an opportunity to explore their imagination, students also learnt about safety when working in kitchen areas and why certain components are combined and utilised in a specific way.  They learnt how to use an oven, mix basic recipes and as a result made use of their numeracy skills.


Working with icing required them to utilise their fine motor skills, improving their hand-eye coordination, precisions and attention to detail. Cake decorating can be challenging at times, however students quickly learnt how to master the various techniques and shape them to their own patterns. They were very proud of their final designs and cakes and they were very impressive!