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Posted on: August 24th 2023

Excellent GCSE Results At Whitmore

Excellent GCSE Results At Whitmore

Students and staff at Whitmore High School are celebrating GCSE results today. A smiling Head of Year, Mrs Saunders, said " I am extremely proud of my students. They have worked consistently hard over the last 5 years and their focus and resilience have enabled them to achieve fantastic results! I am looking forward to welcoming them back in our Sixth Form in September."

Onethra (eleven grade 9s) added "I strongly believe that I could not have achieved all 9s without the continued support of my teachers and the excellent facilities at Whitmore" and Gitali (ten grade 9s) added “I am looking forward to pursuing my chosen subjects in greater depth at A Level, having not only gained the necessary academic skills but also the qualities that will help me succeed in medicine." Ali agreed saying " I am so proud to have achieved 5 grade 9s!" and also commented "I am going to Whitmore Sixth Form to study English Literature, Maths, Computer Science and Economics. I firmly believe that the environment Whitmore has provided for me, including the hard working staff who have encouraged me and pushed me to my limits, have contributed to my success."