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Posted on: February 27th 2017

Cambridge University Physics Experience

Cambridge University, is best known across the world for its competitive entry
requirements and high quality of education. Last Friday, a group of 10 students
from Year 12 took part in a Physics study day trip at this prestigious university.

The trip included a tour around one of the most renowed colleges, Christ’s
College, led by an ex-Whitmore student who is now at Cambridge. Students
walked around Cambridge in awe as the town matched up to its reputation.
Animesh Shankahar even said “Wow these are Cambridge trees!” Visiting the
Cavendish, Cambridge’s Physics Department, is a rare opportunity, and we
were lucky enough to attend a lecture by a top professor as well. The trip was
an a success and has helped prepare us for university experiences to come.
Our thanks to Ms Asaria for organising the trip.

Mahfoud Azouz 12SH.

Cambridge University Physics Experience